We work hard for our community

It is easy to overlook our neighborhood, which means that we will fight that much harder for it.

Our Why

Our Community

This is our home and when one person succeeds, we all succeed

One Team

Our community is one team and we can help grow it together


Our growth is our responsibility and we are always looking to improve ourselves


We want to care for those that need help in the hopes that it sparks improvement all around

A little about Collingwood

Our neighborhood is on the inner northeast side of Melbourne and is home to a very diverse community. We are here to break stereotypes and help Collingwood thrive.

Why are we involved?

  • We can help create a path for kids under us
    Grade 8
  • I can practice leadership and find my voice
    Grade 9
  • This gives me a chance to develop skills for the future
    Grade 8

Latest news

The Boys head to the Punt Road Oval

The Growth Project would like to thank Mabior Chol and the Richmond Football Club for welcoming us during one of their recent training sessions.

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